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2016 World Sight Day Challenge news

2016 World Sight Day Challenge news

This year has been very positive

Optical Community Meets World Sight Day Challenge with New Energy and Ideas

An excerpt from Vision Monday article by Staff, published Wednesday, October 19, 2016

As World Sight Day 2016 wraps up its 10th year, the success and industry participation surrounding the Challenge continues to build as thousands of eyecare professionals, companies, students, staff and patients, in the U.S. and around the world, all contributed to raise funds to help eliminate avoidable blindness and impaired vision. From partners in Optometry Giving Sight's Coalition to independent NGOs and ECPs worldwide, the participation in World Sight Day spanned a vast range of initiatives and activities. 

Clive Miller, CEO of Optometry Giving Sight, stressed that the Challenge runs until the end of October and encouraged all those who have been fundraising to remit their funds as soon as possible. Anyone still wishing to make a donation can do so online at or by mail to the Optometry Giving Sight office in Denver.

Optometry Giving Sight said the overall response to its World Sight Day Challenge this year has been very positive, with an increase in the number of practices, individuals, companies and schools who have rallied together to either make a donation or undertake fundraising events. There have been many highlights which the organization is posting on its Facebook page. In addition to efforts by the Coalition, as reported by VM, ECPs, optical retailers and dozens of other optical industry companies and organizations held special events to raise general awareness and dollars around the cause of undetected refractive error and the needs of so many patients. Social media amplified many of the activities this year.

Coalition members include ABB Optical Group, Alcon Foundation,, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision, Essilor, EyePromise, FYidoctors, Vision Source, VOSH International and VSP Global.

More than 60 companies are engaging their staff in donation drives and fundraising activities, as a way of raising awareness among their own employees about the importance of good vision. They include A&A Optical, Acuity Pro, Advance Optical, Allergan, Amcon, Art Optical, Bard Optical, ClearVision, DAC Vision, De Rigo REM, Europa, Eye Recommend, GPLI/CLMA, Heidelburg, Hilco, Jobson, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Canada), Linden Optometry, Match Eyewear, Modo, Nikon/Elaine Turner, Optos, OSI, PECAA, Primary Care Optometry Magazine/Slack Inc., Reptile Sun, Ron's Optical, RX Optical, Signet Armorlite, Synergeyes, Texas State Optical, Tura, Vision One Credit Union, VmaxVision, Wave Contact Lens, WestGroupe, White Ophthalmic Supply Ltd, Wiley X, and Zeiss (Canada), all of whom are participating in the Challenge in some way.

Dac Vision team

DAC Vision employees ready for the Challenge!

Thousands of optometrists, their practices and staff, students of optometry, and members of industry raised funds or made donations to give sight and hope to people who are blind or vision impaired simply because they can’t access the services of a qualified optometrist.

This year, for the first time, all 24 Schools of Optometry in North America participated in the Challenge, reinforcing the strong connection that exists with the nine Schools of Optometry in Latin America, Asia and Africa that are funded in part by Optometry Giving Sight, and which are currently educating 700 future optometrists and optometric technicians.

“September and October are the highlight of our year,” said Clive Miller, CEO of Optometry Giving Sight. “There is so much creativity and goodwill in the optometric community and it is always humbling and inspiring to see the fun things that people do to raise funds in support of this important issue. Whether it's having a bake sale, coordinating a fun run or a bike ride, selling wristbands, holding BBQs and pizza lunches, having trunk shows or simply going online to make a donation, there is an incredible energy and camaraderie that reminds us all about the importance of good vision and how we can all make a difference.”

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