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eNewsletter November 2016

eNewsletter November 2016

News, Projects and Campaigns

For Optometry Giving Sight, the past few months have been a busy and exciting time as we have been partnering with many of you to ensure the success of our 10th World Sight Day Challenge.  There has been so much creativity and goodwill in the optometric community and it is always humbling and inspiring to see the fun things that our donors and sponsors do in support of the Challenge. 


Whether it's having a bake sale, coordinating a fun run or a bike ride, selling wristbands, holding BBQs and pizza lunches, having trunk shows or simply going online to make a donation, there is an incredible energy and camaraderie that reminds us all about the importance of good vision and how we can all make a difference.


There have been many highlights and we encourage you all to visit our Facebook page to either see what your colleagues have been doing or to tag and post your own photos.


The funds you raise help us to support key Optometry Development and Child Eye Health projects around the world and I am delighted to share some recent examples with you.


Clive Miller
Optometry Giving Sight


Why Millions of Children Aren't Receiving Proper Eye Care - And the Solution - Kids See: Success.

Children who need vision correction have been misdiagnosed with learning disabilities, when all they needed was a simple pair of glasses. Today in the United States, 40 percent of kids with diagnosed learning disabilities have vision issues. 


VOSH Corp placement Dr. Jerson Desiderio - Changing eye care in Uganda.


Dr. Jerson Desiderio (pictured far left), a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University, was appointed as Lecturer in January, as part of the VOSH Corps volunteer teaching program. "My interaction with the students has been very positive,” he said. "The students are eager to learn and have been performing very well on anything I throw their way."



CooperVision's One Bright Vision - Providing vision care to 30,000 disadvantaged children in India.

“Every child must have good vision,” said Arnab Sarkar, Director, CooperVision India. “Aside from education it is also affects their development and quality of life. CooperVision is glad to support the One Bright Vision Child Eye Health Program project through which Optometry Giving Sight and IVI provide good vision to children, especially those from underprivileged communities who lack access to quality eye care.”



Optometry comes of age in Nicaragua - Meet Dr. Justin Manning.


For the past year, Optometry Giving Sight have funded the placement of Dr. Justin Manning as a professor at the School as part of the VOSH Corps program. He is playing a critical role in the teaching of students and mentoring of graduates as this exciting time in the profession’s development - and we are delighted that he has just agreed to extend his appointment for another 12 months.



UHCO, Essilor of America and Allergan Foundation rally to replace books lost in fire.


Being able to visit the School Library is very important. 

Last year, however, the library at the School of Optometry in Malawi, a developing country in south-east Africa, burned down and that was the end of their small collection of Optometry text books. This meant students had to photocopy and share lecture notes and other reading materials.



Provision Optometrist Colin McKenzie's upbeat assessment of recent visit to Oecussi, East Timor


“It was a joy to work in partnership with the local Timorese eye care staff, mentoring and training them in eye care, history taking, diagnosis and management of disease, improving their refraction skills and encouraging them in the development of their profession,” said Colin. “I have seen significant growth in their knowledge and skills over the last 5 years”.





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