Companies have a huge potential to make an impact on the lives of people all over the world in need of vision care. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor, and/or involving your staff you can help us to fund even more programs that transform lives through the gift of vision.  There are many ways your company can get involved.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate and industry sponsors play a key leadership role in the development of Optometry Giving Sight by underwriting costs of administration and fundraising. This ensures that at least 85 percent of all money raised from optometrists, staff and patients is directed to projects which build effective, sustainable solutions to eliminate blindness and visual impairment due to uncorrected refractive error.

Opportunities for corporate sponsorship include strategic philanthropy, cause-related marketing, publicity through optometry trade media, workplace giving and matching gifts, employee fundraising and gifts-in-kind.

Corporate social responsibility is more important than ever to your customers; becoming a sponsor shows your customers that you care.


How does my company benefit from supporting Optometry Giving Sight?
  • Helps people in urgent need.
  • Supports the charity that your optometry customers support.
  • Raises the profile of the optometric industry and your company.
  • Creates unique marketing opportunities.
  • Reinforces the importance of good vision care.
  • Shows your staff that you support corporate social responsibility.
  • Join your industry colleagues around the world to help transform lives.

There are multiple sponsorship levels, each one providing a different level of benefit and exposure for your company. 

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a convenient and effective way for staff to donate. It allows them to participate in supporting a charity that relates to the industry and company in which they work.

Please contact your local office to discuss any of these opportunities.

I Care & ShareTM

I Care & ShareI Care & ShareTM (formerly Seeing Eye to Eye) is based on the ‘buy one – give one’ principle.

Engage your patients by explaining that for every pair of glasses they buy, your practice makes a donation to give someone in an underserved community access to the vision care they need.

I Care & ShareTM is a great way of raising the profile of optometry, and your practice, in your community while giving sight – and hope – to people in need. Simply donate a set amount from the sale of every pair of glasses, frames, contact lenses, eye exam or another item or service you choose.

Most practices are choosing $2-$5 (£1-£2.50) per item, although some are donating more!

Optometry Giving Sight will provide posters, brochures, a donation box and other promotional materials to display in your practice. We can also assist in securing local media coverage to highlight your practice’s involvement.  Practices can also involve their patients by inviting them to make a donation for small services like frame adjustments or screw replacements.

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