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I Care & ShareTM is based on the ‘buy one – give one’ principle.

Engage your patients by explaining that for every pair of glasses they buy, your practice makes a donation to give someone in an underserved community access to the vision care they need.

I Care & ShareTM is a great way of raising the profile of optometry, and your practice, in your community while giving sight – and hope – to people in need. Simply donate a set amount from the sale of every pair of glasses, frames, contact lenses, eye exam or another item or service you choose.
What your colleagues say about I Care & Share:

Dr. Jeffrey Krohn and his staff from Fig Garden Optometry in Fresno, CA were looking for a way to engage their patients as well as giving back to people who are needlessly vision impaired. I Care & Share was the perfect solution. They give a “promise” to their patients: “When you see better, you provide sight for another.” And since January 2011, Dr. Krohn’s practice has lived up to its promise and their donations have provided sight to the equivalent of 10,000 people in need!

Dr. Jeffrey Krohn

"I Care & ShareTM, has been a great way to increase awareness with our patients on how little needs to be raised to improve the quality of eyesight for the less fortunate. We've certainly had great feedback from our patients and it has increased donations in our Optometry Giving Sight collection tin."

Michael Quante, O.D., Eye Care Plus, Miami

"We have been donating $2 to Optometry Giving Sight for every frame sold since April 2007. It’s been very easy to implement in our practices. We mention it on our receipts and in our monthly newsletter and we have had only positive feedback from our patients. Our staff think it's great to be involved in such a worthy cause!"

Sue Strachan, Strachan Eyecare

Giving Back with Fig Optometry - Since January 2011, Fig Garden Optometry has participated in a "Giving Back" program. When you are a patient at Fig Garden Optometry and you allow us the privilege of producing your new eyewear, we donate - on your behalf - to Optometry Giving Sight.

Fig Optometry

Supporting You!

Optometry Giving Sight will provide posters, brochures, a donation box and other promotional materials to display in your practice. We can also assist in securing local media coverage to highlight your practice’s involvement. Practices can also involve their patients by inviting them to make a donation for small services like frame adjustments or screw replacements.

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Determine your commitment based on this example: $2 per pair of glasses @ 100 glasses per month = $200 per month



Some practices may choose to modify their existing payment software to incorporate payment to Optometry Giving Sight as a payment item. This means your accountant can reconcile the donation automatically.

Other practices may choose to track their donations manually using the Optometry Giving Sight Remittance Form, which will be sent to you.

It can be as easy as this example:

  • 102 frames sold X $5 per frame = $510 donation to Optometry Giving Sight.
  • Send check or remit online
  • Optometry Giving Sight will send you a tax deductible receipt
Cause Related Marketing (CRM) has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years. Connection to a popular or deeply involving cause is one effective way of helping a company's image, raising consumer brand awareness and encouraging loyal behavior. Here are some of the benefits of participating in I Share & CareTM:

  •     Help people in need.
  •     Build rapport with patients.
  •     Reinforce the importance of vision care.
  •     Raise the profile of Optometry as a profession.
  •     Join your colleagues around the world to make a real difference.

  •     11 x 17 / A3 poster (2)
  •     Letter-sized / A4 counter cards (2)
  •     Eyeglass cards or Eye exam cards (50)
  •     FAQ sheet
  •     Personalized press release and media suggestions
  •     Social Media tips
  •     Remittance forms and return envelope

You can contact us at any time to replenish your materials

 “We recognized that Seeing Eye to Eye (now I Care & ShareTM) could provide real help in less developed areas, but the turning point for our decision was that there are also marketing benefits for the practice.  The amount we donate is now higher, but we can justify the business expense as both a donation and as practice marketing."

 “We feel this is an easy system and is ‘set and forget’. We remind our patients that we are contributing by putting it on our invoices, supplying them with an information card and telling others about what we do with Facebook posts and newsletter articles. We love that we donate to a charity that is about what we do - supplying quality eye care.”

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