Every child should have an eye exam……but Millions don’t have
access to the glasses they need!

Optometry Giving Sight invites all members of the Optometric profession and industry to JOIN US in support of Our Children’s Vision, a global campaign helping to ensure that every child, everywhere has access to the eye care they need.

It's critical that every child can see clearly. To learn at school, every child needs to be able to see their textbooks and lessons on the board or screen. To develop relationships with their peers, they need to be able to see faces and play safely. To take in the world around them – they use their eyes.

There are millions of children in the world who are needlessly vision impaired. Failure to diagnose or treat vision issues can impact a child’s life forever, and create an extraordinary economic cost to the community.

Our Support of Our Children’s Vision will ensure that more children, in more locations, have the access they need.

Watch how we are helping ...

To support Our Children's Vision over the coming months we invite
you to take the 2017 World Sight Day Challenge.