FYidoctors become Platinum National Sponsor in Canada

FYidoctors become Platinum National Sponsor in Canada

Optometry Giving Sight is pleased to welcome FYidoctors as a Platinum National Sponsor in Canada in recognition of FYidoctors on-going support of sustainable eye and vision care projects being funded by Optometry Giving Sight.

In October 2013, FYidoctors achieved 100% participation from its 100+ locations in the World Sight Day Challenge, raising funds from patients and staff across Canada. ODs also contributed, with FYidoctors Home Office matching their donations in addition to making a substantial donation from their Facebook and Twitter campaigns during the Challenge.

In total, over $76,000 was donated from FYidoctors for the World Sight Day Challenge.

“This is a fantastic achievement and we are delighted to recognize FYidoctors with our highest sponsorship level,” said Clive Miller, CEO. “Not only are they reinforcing the importance of eye health in their own practices, but they are helping people in underserved communities gain access to the eye health and vision care services they need to lead full and productive lives.”

Mr. Miller noted that thanks to the support of FYidoctors and other optometric offices and vision care organizations, a record $1.8 million was allocated or disbursed to 46 eye and vision care projects in 28 countries in 2013.  As a result:

  • 34 students graduated from degree and diploma Optometry programs in Africa
  • 12 Schools of Optometry received ongoing and new funding support
  • 2,440 people were given direct training and skills development
  • 139,450 children were screened as part of Child Eye Health Programs
  • 44,268 people received direct access to eye and vision care

“We are totally committed to supporting the development of Optometry and improved vision care in underserved communities around the world, and think Optometry Giving Sight is the perfect partner to enable us to do this,” said Dr. Al Ulsifer, CEO and President of FYidoctors. “I am personally very proud of the way that our offices and staff have stepped up their fundraising efforts for the World Sight Day Challenge and hope they will continue to do so in 2014”.