2013 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

"Imagine not being able to learn at school, play with friends or help around the family home due to preventable impaired vision. In the long-term there would be little opportunity for self-development and healthy outcomes for such a child.

Imagine being an elder and not being able to contribute to the community, to family and to your own needs due to preventable blindness. Unfortunately, such an adult may live with little sense of self-worth." Dr. Juan Carlos Aragon, Global Chair.

Read here about how together we are making a profound difference in the lives of people around the globe in our Annual Review 2013.

“There were many operational highlights throughout the year and we remain indebted to our donors and sponsors for their ongoing support. Our annual fundraising campaign, World Sight Day Challenge was successful, raising $852,000. This is a 22% increase vs 2012.” Clive Miller, CEO.

All the highlights of 2013 are here. All made possible with your support.