"Now I can read easily."

"Now I can read easily."

Socheata's story from Cambodia

17 year old Socheata from Phnom Penh in Cambodia recently received an eye examination at her school screening as part of a program implemented by the Brien Holden Vision Institute with funding support from Optometry Giving Sight.

When I was in grade 11, I was really struggling to see. I found trying to see or read long distance an immense struggle, especially while the teacher was writing on the white board, explained Socheata.

I often felt a lot of stress and pressure about school and I never wanted to study when I couldnt read the letters.

After the school screening, Socheata was prescribed glasses.

Once I received my spectacles I started to use them often for travelling to and from school, especially for school time and doing some house work, she said. I felt comfortable wearing my glasses. Now, I can read easily. My grades have improved.

Socheata explained that she even told a few people she knows about getting their eyes checked at the eye clinic or eye health facilities because of the importance about eye health.

Sometimes we ourselves, might not know when we have a problem with our eyes. Only professional service providers can help you.

The screening at Socheatas school was undertaken as part of a comprehensive school eye health program amongst selected schools in the capital city of Cambodia.

Photo courtesy BHVI