EyeTeach© provided me with an immense sense of motivation

EyeTeach© provided me with an immense sense of motivation

The EyeTeach© workshops, sponsored by Optometry Giving Sight, continue to be well received in Latin America. Facilitators from the Brien Holden Vision Institute collaborate with various universities across the region, introducing new teaching methods for the professional development of optometry in the Latin America & Caribbean Program (LAC). The workshops are designed to strengthen existing eye health practitioners and educators.

Jairo (pictured) attended a recent EyeTeach© workshop in collaboration with La Salle University in Colombia. He is in the junior-faculty program of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) and has been identifiued as a future educator there.

Jairo explained how extremely valuable his EyeTeach experience was and felt that all the theory covered was effectively demonstrated in the practical lessons as well.

EyeTeach© provided me with an immense sense of motivation, determination and a renewed love of my profession and career, he said. I was impressed with all the techniques, theory and methodologies in what we were shown, and how best to apply this knowledge in our professional realities. Overall, it was a humbling experience and I have huge admiration and respect for Optometry Giving Sight, the Institute facilitators of EyeTeach, the congress of FEDOPTO and the faculty in La Salle Public Health Division Case Study University.

Jairo said he would love to see more programs and workshops such as EyeTeach© and see continued support in Nicaragua and surrounding regions of Latin America.

We need to really push for the future of optometry and the significant benefits in eye health and education, he said.

Photo courtesy BHVI