Optometry Council of India (OCI)

Optometry Council of India (OCI)

Great strides forward in Optometry India


Optometry Council of India (OCI) is a self-regulatory body that commenced voluntary registration of Indian optometrists on 26 January 2014. With its small but dedicated work force, a supportive board of directors and most important of all, the trust that the Indian optometrists have placed in them, OCI has achieved a lot over the last 1 ½ years. 



Registrations and Membership:

  1. 1000 membeOCI Badgers have been registered within a period of 18 months, including 125 NRI registrations from UAE, Bahrain, UK, Australia, Canada, USA and Malaysia. There are an additional 100 provisional registrations.
  2. Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand has made it compulsory for Indian optometrists applying for licensure to have OCI registration, with the University of Houston looking to do likewise.
  3. Essilor, Lawrence & Mayo and Alcon have made it mandatory to register all their optometrists with OCI. Bausch & Lomb and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care have registered all their professional services staff.


OCI gradsContinuing Education and School accreditation:

  1. A CE manual for accredited and non accredited providers has been developed.
  2. There are 10 CE providers currently registered with OCI: LVPEI, ASCO, Vidyasagar college, Harijyot College, Karnataka Optometry Association, Masterclass Optometry, India Vision Institute, Dr Shroff’s Charity eye hospital, Management and Science University Malaysia, Alcon.
  3. 11 OCI accredited CE’s have been conducted with a total of 60 credit points: Masterclass optometry, Annual clinical symposium, harnessing your soft contact lens skills, perfecting the art of spectacle dispensing, Mega event 2, Second state level conference, 33rd Low vision awareness program, Ocular Implications of systemic diseases, Updates for optometrists, 51st ICLEP, MOVES 1.
  4. Optometry College/school accreditation process manual developed and accreditation policy document finalized.


  1. OCI has its own website with online registration.
  2. Members can now upload their CE credits document online
  3. Job Opportunity information is available from various organizations
  4. Optometrist locator for the public has been introduced.                 

 OCI website click here

OCI would like to thank the support of Optometry Giving Sight, Brien Holden Vision Foundation and India Vision Institute in helping us achieve these milestones.