India's "One Bright Vision"

India's "One Bright Vision"

Chinna Raj, a boy from Chennai, suffers from blurred vision. His condition affects his studies and gives him terrible headaches. Like millions of others without access to eye care, Chinna’s future was looking bleak.


Chinna received an eye exam earlier this year as part of the One Bright Vision screening program being funded by CooperVision with support from Optometry Giving Sight and implemented by the India Vision Institute (IVI).



Chinna Raj

Chinna (pictured right) was found to be suffering from myopia in both eyes (-2.50D), a major health problem among Indian school children and a very common cause of visual impairment throughout the world.

Post vision screening, Chinna was provided with a pair of spectacles by IVI.

As his studies improve Chinna has gained the confidence to proudly wear his spectacles. His friends say that he’s looking better as well.
“Although I could see better, I felt a little awkward in the beginning,” said Chinna. “But my teachers and parents encouraged me by saying that it was perfectly fine to wear spectacles and that it would help me in performing better”.

The One Bright Vision program is a mega project that will screen the vision of 30,000 school children from underprivileged backgrounds in Tamil Nadu. It forms part of IVI’s Eye See & I Learn initiative and was formally inaugurated on 1 March 2016 at Chennai in the presence of Mr. Arnab Sarkar, Country Head, CooperVision and Mr. Vinod Daniel, CEO IVI.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sarkar (pictured below distributing spectacles) said that “good vision is every child’s right and the key to overall well-being. Cooper Vision is delighted to support the Eye See & I Learn initiative and we hope our small contribution will go a long way in ensuring good vision for children, particularly from underserved communities”.

Spectacles Distribution

As part of the inauguration, vision screenings were conducted for 650 children from the Government Adi Dravida Welfare Higher Secondary School and free spectacles were provided to 43 children. To date, the vision of 2,942 children from 13 schools has been screened under this project. A total of 250 children have been identified with refractive error and will receive free spectacles.

Eye See & I Learn is part of the global Our Children’s Vision campaign led by IVI in India to screen the vision of ten million children in partnership with several eye hospitals over the period 2016-2020. So far 13,658 children have been screened and 875 free spectacles have been provided across several states in India.  

Photos courtesy: India Vision Institute