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Optometry Giving Sight’s I Care & Share has been helping to bring vision care to the developing world for the past year – and the feedback is all good.

Based on the buy-one, give-one concept, I Care & Share is a cause-related marketing initiative that enables practices to make a donation per product sold or service provided.  It is an easy program to implement and creates the opportunity to engage patients and staff while increasing awareness about the need for sustainable eye care services around the world.

“What’s really special to us about the I Care & Share program is that it gives us a great feeling to be able to help people who just don’t even have the ability to have a basic eye exam and a pair of glasses,” said Dr. Mick Kling of Invision Eye Care Optometry in San Diego.

Optometry Giving Sight has developed a kit of great marketing materials to make implementing the program in the office quick and easy.  The kit includes posters, counter cards, a window cling, waiting room video, and glasses case cards which say, “With your purchase today, our company will make a donation to provide glasses to someone in need.” All help build patient loyalty and engagement.


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“We like to involve our patients, not directly, but we do talk about the fact that they’re still giving just by doing business with us,” said Dr. Ted McElroy, SECO President and President and CEO of Vision Source Tifton in Georgia. “And that allows them to feel they’re being involved.” 

Dr. Lenny Silverman of Okemos Optometry, Michigan was another optometrist who immediately saw the potential of the I Care & Share program in his office.

“It’s so simple,” Dr. Silverman said.  “In our office, our patients know we support Optometry Giving Sight.  So when I Care & Share came about, I got my staff on board, and we let every patient know that when they buy a pair of glasses from us, they have helped to provide vision care for someone else in the world.”

For more information on how you and your practice can participate in I Care & Share:

Please call our offices at 303. 526.0430.

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Most practices are choosing $2-$5 (£1-£2.50) per item, although some are donating more!