Vision Aid Overseas and Optometry Giving Sight

Vision Aid Overseas and Optometry Giving Sight

Partnership Announced

Vision Aid Overseas and Optometry Giving Sight are delighted to announce that the charities have entered into a formal agreement whereby Vision Aid Overseas will, from now on, coordinate and manage Optometry Giving Sight fundraising activities throughout the UK. 

The decision follows a highly successful period of collaboration during 2015, when the two organisations worked together on fundraising activities to boost income for vision care and to save costs by working together.

“Due to the success of this collaborative working, our respective Boards feel that Vision Aid Overseas should be the lead organization within the UK for mobilizing support for sustainable eye and vision care programs in underserved communities, while Optometry Giving Sight should focus its efforts at the global level,” said Bob Chappell, Chairman of Optometry Giving Sight UK.

The agreement means that Vision Aid Overseas will coordinate and run the World Sight Day Challenge, now in its tenth year, and Cycling for Sight on behalf of Optometry Giving Sight. It also means that Optometry Giving Sight will be requesting that funds donated by their UK supporters and monthly donors are sent, instead, directly to Vision Aid Overseas to support agreed Optometry Giving Sight funded Vision Aid Overseas education and training projects.

In 2015, Optometry Giving Sight UK provided funding to Vision Aid Overseas to help build the capacity of the Optometry Profession in Ghana, Ethiopia and Zambia.

Nigel Wilson, Executive Director of Vision Aid Overseas told national media - “This is a great outcome from all of us who are committed to fight poverty by transforming access to eye care in developing countries,” he said. “Together we will be able to fight poverty and transform even more lives, through the gift of vison. We will be able to provide more eye tests and spectacles to combat Uncorrected Refractive Error amongst the estimated 640 million children and adults who are effected around the world. Given the very similar missions and beneficiaries of the two charities, Optometry Giving Sight is a natural partner for Vision Aid Overseas in the UK.”