Dr. Vic Connors - greatly missed

Dr. Vic Connors - greatly missed

A born leader



Dear All,


I have just been advised that Dr. Vic Connors passed away on Monday. This is extremely sad news.


Vic was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Optometry Giving Sight in the USA, serving as both Chair and CEO for many years. 


​He also served on our Global Board from 2006-12.​



He was one of the first Chairman’s Club members and through his practice, has remained one of our strongest supporters. We were delighted to honor Vic with our Outstanding Achievement Award in 2011 and Isthmus Eye Care was our Practice of the Year in 2013.


Vic was a born leader and as a former President of the American Optometric Association, was successful in soliciting their formal endorsement of Optometry Giving Sight in 2006. 


He was also instrumental, along with the late Professor Brien Holden, in creating our strong and defining partnership with Vision Source. 


His Presidency of the World Council of Optometry gave him a passion and commitment for promoting the development of Optometry around the world and this proved invaluable as we prioritised funding for the first Schools of Optometry in Malawi and Mozambique, in partnership with Brien Holden Vision Institute.


Even in retirement, Vic continued to champion support for Optometry Giving Sight, and ​over the past few years we have been delighted to get to know and work with other members of the family including his son Colin.  


I last saw Vic in San Antonio at this year’s Vision Source Exchange. He was excited to be taking up a new role as President of the World Optometry Foundation and was keen to start planning how we could work together again.


We will all ​greatly miss Vic - and ​his towering presence, great passion for life, and incredible commitment to ensuring that all people in the world have the opportunity to access affordable vision care delivered by a degree trained optometrist.


On behalf of all of us at Optometry Giving Sight​, we extend our sincere condolences to Vic's family and the staff and patients at Isthmus Eye Care.


Clive Miller

CEO Optometry Giving Sight


8 June 2016