I Care & Share

I Care & Share

I Care & Share is a way to engage your patients or your customers in your passion for helping to bring access to eye care to those who are in need in underserved communities. Your practice or company supports our cause by making a donation to Optometry Giving Sight for every pair of glasses or product that you sell. You will be helping to motivate your staff, patients and customers with the idea that you are giving back.

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Your practice makes a pledge to donate a set dollar amount for the glasses you sell based on your average sale of glasses per month. As an example, you decide to donate $2 for 100 pairs of glasses sold on average per month. This would work out to a $200 per month commitment to Optometry Giving Sight. Your staff can be involved in promoting the program to your patients as well as through your social media channels.

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You decide to donate a certain amount or percentage of sales for a product over a certain time period. You can promote your involvement to your customers to help drive sales.

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Supporting You!

Optometry Giving Sight will help you promote your IC&S participation by providing posters, brochures and other promotional and social media to display in your practice or online. Practices can also involve their patients by inviting them to make a donation using a QR code on a card we provide for you to share with your patients.

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