World Sight Day Challenge

About World Sight Day

1.2 billion people worldwide lack access to basic, life-changing eye care—but the gift of sight is one that we can give together. World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness supported by eye health organizations around the world to draw global attention to vision impairment and to raise funds to combat them. World Sight Day 2024 will be celebrated on Thursday, October 10. To make an immediate impact, donate here.

The World Sight Day Challenge

While World Sight Day is a single day, you can donate or register for fundraising throughout September & October to help underserved individuals get the eye care services they need. The World Sight Day Challenge is Optometry Giving Sight’s largest annual fundraiser, bringing the global optometric community together to eradicate uncorrected refractive error by giving the gift of sight to families around the world.

Challenge Timeline: September & October
World Sight Day 2024: October 10th

2024 Challenge

Optometry Giving Sight invites you to join the annual World Sight Day Challenge. Our theme is “Giving Together, Seeing Forever,” which celebrates the collective power of the optometry community to give the gift of sight to millions of people in need. Dollars donated help deliver access to eye care for mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, grandparents, and more. It is only possible with your support. Help us give sight and change lives, together.

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Set up  your own online fundraising donation page to support the Challenge

Create a personal and/or team fundraising page to share on social media and by email to let patients, colleagues, friends, family, and followers know you are raising money for OGS to help give sight to people in need around the world, and to invite them to donate towards your efforts.

It’s incredibly easy to do in just a few simple steps. Set a goal, write a short message, and receive a link to share. Click here to set up your donation page.

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optometry professional
optometry professional

How you can participate

Join us by participating in this year’s World Sight Day Challenge!

Whether you are a member of the optical community or someone who values good vision, there are several ways that you can make a difference:


Our Development Director, Nikki Earich, personally invites you to take the Challenge!

When you register and pledge $100 or more, you are eligible to receive a free World Sight Day Challenge kit including:

    • Poster
    • Counter Card
    • Brochures
    • Stickers
    • Social Assets
    • How-To Guide

Are you a Champion?

The success of the World Sight Day Challenge depends on people with the vision to lead—to spearhead efforts in raising funds that support our mission throughout the year and across the globe.


  • Motivate colleagues, friends, family, and patients to participate.
  • Act as the liaison between the OGS and your organization.
  • Lead fundraising efforts through access to materials and ideas from OGS.

If you want to be a Champion for people around the world in need, the WSDC is your opportunity to make a difference.

Sign up to be your organization’s World Sight Day Challenge Champion by providing including your name and email address when you register using above REGISTER button or by clicking here.

Or if your practice/company/school has already registered and you’d like to be added as a Champion to receive our communications, please complete this form.

Once you are a World Sight Day Challenge Champion, you’ll be sent access to our Champions portal, where you can download a fundraising guide, social media & email assets, and more.

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Other Ways to Help

Share on social


  • Follow Optometry Giving Sight and help amplify our message by sharing our posts to your story
  • Use the donation stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories to encourage your followers to make a donation
  • Add a fundraiser to your posts on Facebook or Instagram to help us raise funds

Other Ways

  • Looking for more ways to share? Find out if your employer matches your gifts to increase your impact
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