Other Ways to Give

There are additional ways to make an immediate philanthropic impact on the communities we serve.
The right option is always the one that works best for you.

Appreciated Securities

Gifts of long-term (one-year or more) appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds allow you to make a significant contribution without affecting your available cash balances. This strategy can provide two major advantages: (1) an immediate income tax deduction and, (2) it eliminates any capital gains tax if the securities are otherwise sold. To make a gift of appreciated stock, please contact us.

Qualified Charitable Distribution

For those age 70.5 and above, a great option is to make a gift directly from your IRA. A ‘QCD’ is attractive to people who no longer itemize deductions and/or would like to preserve cash on hand. In addition, a QCD has the added benefit of counting toward your annual Required Minimum Distribution (beginning at age 72). To learn more—or to request a blank instruction letter than you can use with your IRA Custodian—please contact us.

Please discuss your charitable options with your professional advisors before making any gifts. Your advisors are best positioned to help recognize the specific tax benefits you may enjoy. Please know that Optometry Giving Sight is happy to support these conversations in any way that is helpful.