2017 Highlights

2017 highlightsYour support at work

Optometry Giving Sight in 2017 produced many wonderful stories from people whose lives were impacted through your donations.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and donors for your ongoing support.

One area that has given us the greatest impact in 2017 has been through the ongoing funding we have provided to help support Schools of Optometry across 11 countries.

Thanks to your help, there are now 783 students studying for their Optometry Degree or Diploma at 14 Schools and Colleges. This is an incredible outcome, as having locally trained optometrists is ultimately the most effective way to help people who are needlessly vision impaired.

2017 highlights

This is why we were so excited to welcome an additional 102 new graduates in 2017 to bring the total number to 559 graduates since 2008. By our estimates, all these graduates from the last few years will have the capacity to give sight and hope to an amazing 939,120 people each year.

2017 highlights

Since 2007, Optometry Giving Sight has distributed funding to more than 117 projects in over 40 countries.

Currently there are 47 projects funded by Optometry Giving Sight in 24 countries. These projects cover the training of local eye care professionals, establishing vison centres that provide access to sustainable vision care and by delivering eye care and low cost/no cost glasses. In addition, we have supported community education and advocacy activities to raise the awareness of the importance of eye health and promoted the role of Optometrists as primary eye care providers.

Thank you again for helping us to transform the lives of people in need. We look forward to your continuing support for even greater outcomes in 2018.