World Optometry Day Landing Page

Optometry Giving Sight is the only organization dedicated to the growth and expansion of optometry around the world.

The solution to ending preventable blindness and vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive error is more than eye exams and glasses—it’s the establishment of optometry schools, vision centers, and optical labs. It’s education and training for people in underserved areas to become optometrists to provide ongoing eye care in their communities for years to come.

In celebration of World Optometry Day, your donation gives sight and changes lives—now and into the future.


OGS is helping fund One School at a Time to benefit school children from disadvantaged families in District eThekwini of the KZN province in South Africa.

The project aims to reach 25 schools within a year and provide eye screening and examination services to 20,000 children.

In addition, the project will educate teachers in each school on primary eye health, and train vision screeners and optometrists in primary eye health and vision screening for the pediatric population.

One School at a Time is implemented by our project partner Berkeley Cure.

OGS supported 20 projects in 2022. Click here to see the list of all 20 projects supported.