You Make a Difference! Giving Sight in Nepal

Photo of Alisha from NepalOptometry Giving Sight is proud to partner with organizations on a global level to provide funding for projects needed to reduce preventable blindness and impaired vision. One such organization is the Seva Foundation. Their Eyeglasses in Nepal Project seeks to address the need for increased refractive error services and to increase access to service points supplied with good quality eyeglasses which are staffed by qualified individuals.

Alisha is one recipient of this project. She is a 10-year old girl in 4th grade who lives with her mother and little sister. Her family has a difficult life in Jorsalle due to divorce, health problems and unemployment.

Nepal: Alisha and FamilyAlisha began to notice eye-related problems over a year ago but said nothing due to the financial constraints of her family. Her performance in school decreased dramatically due to her vision impairment. Her mother and grandfather began to notice but, due to financial hardship, including lack of bus fare to get to the hospital, her hypermetropia remained unaddressed.

When the Seva’s Youth-Led Outreach Program conducted a school screening program at Alisha’s school, she was able to get her eyes checked. Once the team realized her urgent need for proper eye care and glasses, they helped Alisha with transportation to the hospital to receive the medical treatment she needed. Now Alisha can read and perform well in school due to the treatment she received.

Donations from people like YOU make the lives of people like Alisha’s much brighter.