Your Donations at Work – Manila, Philippines

Your donations to Optometry Giving Sight helped fund Canadian Vision Care’s support for eye care in Manila, Philippines. Their partnership with the SPECS Eye Train Clinic provides eye care out of two creatively converted railway cars.

In the month of March 2021 alone, the clinic was able to help 195 walk-in patients and provided 145 free eyeglasses. As well, the clinic serves local orphanages and schools. COVID is causing some challenges but they are getting as much work done as they can.

Dr. Eustaquio who works at the clinic said, “I know, even though we can’t see their smile behind the facemask, their heart is full of gratitude to the SPECS Foundation, Canadian Vision Care and Optometry Giving Sight for helping them to have better eyesight through providing them with free eyeglasses.”

The Eye Train Clinic also provides clinical experience to Central Manila University optometry students. In the future, there are plans to build a small Eye Centre side-by-side with the clinic to serve as a training centre for graduating optometry students.

Because of funding from Optometry Giving Sight, the Eye Train Clinic has benefited by receiving new lens kits, trial frames and an autorefractor helping them to continue providing quality vision care to those in need.

Thank you for giving sight and opportunity to people around the world!